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Why Up Late Thinking ?  


In my own workaday world, and in the wider world of noise we all live in, late evening is when my brain returns to me - when I can hear my own voice again - when I recall myself to myself.

I've been this way all my adult life but now it's late in a whole other sense and something else is keeping me up late, thinking:


How do I live what remains of my life?  


I am now officially a "senior citizen".  Do I feel older?  Well, yes - but not as much as I thought I would.  


In some ways, I feel I've just gotten the hang of living.


We've all heard someone say, "I'd go back to my 20s but only if I could bring my (40/50/60/70 etc)-year-old brain with me." 


That's the wisdom of age speaking.  


The years count for something and they should.  Time has taught me many things, including to be less hard on myself -- and to be more grateful. I appreciate that our lives are fragile and human relationships are messy. The perspective of years has made me both more forgiving but also more selective about how and with whom I spend precious time. My priorities have shifted, in part because my values are clearer - something else I attribute to years lived on this good earth.  

And I'm not done.  I continue. I still seek and need inspiration. I still dream and make plans for the future: the future just isn't as deep as it used to be, and there is an urgency to making things happen faster.


I've always been interested in my generation and that hasn't changed. I still want to know what my peers are up to, how they are living their lives:  what inspires them now? What are they planning and creating? How are they navigating these later years?  

I've had a long and varied (some would say a little too varied) career - as a newspaper reporter, music industry publicist, creative director, political speechwriter* and finally, for the last two decades, as a social science researcher. Gerontology was the focus of my graduate studies and I try to keep an eye on research in aging.  I want to share some of those research findings as well as some theories about the lifespan I find provocative and helpful.  

If you are an older adult, I hope this blog will prove a source of inspiration and connection.  If you are young or in the middle years of your life, I hope this blog will help you to see older adults in full and to look forward fearlessly to your future.  For myself, I hope this blog will help me navigate the late years of my life.

~ Gail MLT

* This blog is a politics-free zone.

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